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“Most adorable and favorable singer was Deirdre Angenent in this performance as Venus. She has a powerful voice which is stronger than the power of the orchestra, a balanced low voice and a flexible legato, with deep expression to attract the audience. She was the best and most praised singer in this concert.” http://m.media.daum.net/m/media/culture/newsview/20160701144221982

Last June, I was fortunate to sing Venus in Wagner's Tannhäuser in the Seoul Arts Centre, in Korea, conducted by Youngmin Park and directed by Ui- Ju Lee. It was a great opportunity and experience for me!

Late July I will sing in the semi- finals of the Nürnberg voice competition in Germany. And after that, summer break! Lots of exciting events coming up the next seasons (some of them are already in my agenda on this website), but stay tuned for more! I wish you all a wonderful summer!


Please come back soon to have a look at new upcoming events.